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We are very priveleged and pleased to be a co-operative part of the CAT Scale (Certified Automated Truck Scale) company. CAT Scale is a name that you can count on for reliability guaranteed. "CAT Scale Company is devoted to serving the trucking industry. That's why we make customer satisfaction our #1 priority and guarantee that our weights are accurate. If you get an overweight fine from the state after our scale showed you legal, we will immediately check our scale. If our scale is wrong, we will reimburse you for the fine. If our scale is correct, a representative of CAT Scale Company will appear in court with you as a witness." Quote taken from the CAT Scale Site visit it today

We have 4 Double Pumps available for your quick fueling needs. We are open 7 days 24 hours a day. Fuel is priced competitively. Quick, Easy Access with the pay at the pump feature with the Trendar System.

We accept an extensive variety of payment forms including Comdata, Master Card, Visa, Fleet Fueling Cards, TCH, and many more.We have an ATM on sight, CLEAN showers guaranteed, wonderful selection of items prepared on sight in the deli, hot delicious coffee, and a comfortable lounge for delays. There is a large parking area for parking, a storage area for longer term, a loading dock. Stop by or call us if we can further assist you with your travelling needs.

61 West Service Road
Champlain, NY 12919

Phone (518) 298-3835 Ext 9
Toll Free (800) 887-8408
Fax (518) 298-2375
Bill Hampton
Bill Hampton
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